Ender’s Game is a book that is perfect for any reader looking for a thought-provoking, interesting read.

The hero of the story, Ender, is a young boy living in the not-so-far future. Earth has been attacked by a race of aliens simply called “Buggers”, (or “Formics”) which managed to decimate the human population. Banding together, the Earth’s countries form a central fleet to fend off a potential next wave. (Long-distance space travel does, after all, take years.) But the new fleet needs brave, intelligent commanders to lead it, so the government implements a millitary training program for children, the brightest and most fresh minds on the planet. Ender is one such child, and is dragged through the harsh, almost brutal training program, all the while being picked on by proctors and bullies alike. Ender, however, pulls through and begins to “climb the ladder” of the millitary. He is shipped off to Battle School, a space-station in orbit around the Earth that hosts a league of war games between different factions of students. Ender eventually becomes a commander and passes Battle School, and is put in charge of an imaginary fleet inside a simulator with the best of the students from Battle School.

But as the end comes around, Ender learns the terrible, terrible truth…

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