How would you feel if you had to be drafted into the military at six years old? How would you feel if you couldn’t see your family for a long time? Well, this is the life of six year old Ender Wiggin. Ender is a boy who is tortured by his brother and loved by his sister. He doesn’t have a very good lifestyle. In fact, his brother threatens to kill him. At first Ender was scared but he soon learned to ignore it. He was also very troubled because he is mentioned to be a “third”. In the time Ender’s living in, it is not good to be the third born. He then is asked to go to battle school for intense traing because a species called the buggers plan to make a third attack. He decides to accept. He has all sorts of encounters in battle school. They make him play a game in battle school which takes perseverence and hard work to learn, and on top of that, he already has enemies. In battle school he begins to realize that he is becoming a killer just like his brother. His sister even qoutes, “ You are a killer”. Ender soon realizes that he has to overcome these struggles before it gets out of hand.

I thought that Ender’s Game was a pretty good book. The beginning and middle were interesting, but the ending was terrible. The beginning talks about what happens at home, and the middle talks about him at battle school. You can only find out about the ending if you read the book. This book was written by Orson Scott Card who has written more books in this series. I liked how the author described the way fights happened. The author definitely did an excellent job describing the action. It was almost like you can see it happen in your head, like a mental picture. Overall this was a pretty good book. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good. I recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction and is over the age of eleven. Have a good time reading!

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