July. 17. 2014

Fear is true.

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It hunts you down, beating and shocking you until you give in.
Fear is impossible to catch. And even more so when it rules over you.

Fear is seen as the monster under our beds, the darkness in your room as you sleep. The trees thwacking against your window the night of a storm. Fear is a demon. One that sometimes we can’t vanquish alone.

Reality is fake.
How do you know that the impossible can’t become possible?
Reality is the world in which we live so that we can shove fear away.

Reality is the voice saying, “There isn’t a monster under the bed, just focus on the night light, its just the trees.” Reality allows us to keep our sanity. But restricts our imagination. Many people I know, confuse reality with common sense. In my eyes, they are not one in the same. Reality is a tool we created to battle our demons, and fears. To put them out of mind and out of sight. Common sense is what we use to decide what is and isn’t true, real, or tangible. Common sense can be used with reality but some people don’t see it like that. Some people see common sense as a wish, a popped bubble, and a dream. Common sense says that humans typically don’t grow wings. Reality says come on be real that won’t happen. I say but what if it does? Reality and common sense are both double edged swords. They help us to understand the world in which we live in, but they also limit us. And that is when fear strikes.

Fear is those thoughts that have you cowering down, summiting yourself at its feet. The saying “ running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off” in a way, fear can be like the knife that cut the chicken. Some people see fear as a sense of doubt. Doubt is the seeds of poison ivy that grow in the back of your mind. they spread like wildfire to all of your best dreams, your proudest accomplishments, your facts. And they make you think twice. Fear and doubt can be the same thing, because where there is doubt, there is fear of failure. But then reality and common sense come knocking and help to rip up the source of the weeds that are fear and doubt.

These four emotions are something that every person should try to understand or at least acknowledge. Because if you shove down every emotion you feel, how are you ever going to feel anything?

The purpose for this piece, yet again, deceives me. I do hope that you have gained something. Maybe something you’ve read, maybe not here, but from others, has sparked something within you. Just figure out why it was sparked, and how to keep the flame going.

~ people often accept the love they think they deserve. do you?

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