The book Eight Keys is written by Suzanne LaFleur and is a realistic fiction story that also includes mystery and suspense. It takes place mostly in the second story of Uncle Hugh’s barn around the time, but it has a few scenes taken place in Elise’s school, too. There are eight locked doors which lead the main character, Elise, to unlock secrets. Through my eyes, the story takes place a few years back where it would all be black and white, although I actually do not recall that the time where the book takes place was ever mentioned.

The most important character in this book is Elise. Elise just turned 12 years old and is starting a new year of school. There is no real description of how she looks in the book because it is written in her point of view. She is a smart girl who had changed dramatically throughout the story because of all the obstacles she faced. She has a few friends that are like family to her. Her aunt and uncle are there when no one else is. They all sincerely support her and truly love her.

Some of the other characters named in the story were Franklin, who is her best friend; Caroline, who is a new friend Elise makes along the way; her aunt and uncle, who tie the story up; and her father who had passed away. Her father is probably the most important supporting character, in my opinion, the father is the one who makes the story complete. Franklin and Caroline play the friends in the story and they are the ones who are always there for Elise. Her dad is deceased so he cannot really do anything, and her aunt and uncle are families, so they are there when Elise needs a trusted adult to talk to about something more serious.

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In the beginning of the story Elise has not fully matured yet, she is playing childish games with her best friend Franklin. Although when school starts, she starts to realize she is not 5 years old anymore. She had been made fun of from the scabs on her legs from playing games with Franklin. That really made me feel sorrowful for Elise. The whole story revolves around the time Elise found eight locked doors on the second floor in her uncle’s barn. An anonymous person had been leaving keys for Elise that lead to unlocking those mysterious doors. All the clues, all the details, all add up at the end of the story. The locked doors have been leading Elise to find out facts about her dead dad; everything he had left her, along with all his thoughts and the mysteries of his own. She finds the last key and opens the last door. She solves on what her dad has been trying to tell her. Elise has to make her own mysteries, her own future. No one gets to pick the road to success for her. The last room was completely empty, made for her to realize she had to stuff her life with the clues that are waiting for her in the future.

I enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of fiction and mystery. The story teaches you a lesson which all stories should include. Throughout the whole book, I was interested and intrigued. Every word would take my breath away hoping I could read faster so I could get to the next page quicker.

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