Relationship is all about giving and taking. It is a day to day work without days off and vacations. Marriage is a promise to take care, help, love and understand each other during the whole life. Many people think that marriage is a fairy tale, where relations within a couple are always perfect. When the couple faces problems, then it may seem for both persons that divorce is the best solution. Most contradictions that arise between spouses can be resolved without a divorce. A firm view exists that divorce will bring a real facilitation and will help to resolve all difficulties and problems. However, this understanding is erroneous. Generally, the spouses have their own problems inside of them, and they become stronger in the new relations. In this case, divorce creates new problems, for which the couples are not often ready. Divorce has become a debatable topic. For some people it causes only a destructive effect; for others it gives freedom. However, what is the life after divorce, and what effect does it cause for those people?

A decision taken to divorce can change all aspects of the person’s life: a place of living, the standards of living, the people they live with, their property, habits, an emotional balance, children and time spending with them, and even many more other things. Sometimes, the effect of divorce can be positive; for example, the end of the unhappy or even abusive relationship. Therefore, it is easy to determine that the effects of divorce differ for every situation and personal circumstances.

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The effects of divorce may be different for men and women. Firstly, according to the statistics, men enjoy a high rise of living standards during the first year after divorce. However, women have a high drop during this period. Furthermore, the emotional effects of divorce have a less destructive outcome for women because they have a stronger support to rely on. In addition, the situation with the divorce process can be affected by children in the family. Each in the couple wants to know if his or her decision affects the happiness and health of a child and how to minimize the negative consequences of divorce on them. This can make the divorce process even worse.

In the marriage break-up, the children are te most likely to be affected psychologically. First of all, facing with their own problems parents may disregard their children’s feelings. This can lead to the situation when kids may think that they are unwanted. In addition, if this situation has happened, and it is not handled properly, the children may create a negative attitude to parents and the marriage, in general. They also may face the depression, feel that they are deprived of parental love and separated from siblings, feel guilty and embarrassed, have a feeling of insecurity, and even lose the self-confidence. However, finally, if the couple cannot get along with each other, and they always have conflicts, the divorce can have a positive effect on children, in this case.

Divorce also causes a negative social effect. In the beginning after the parents’ divorce, children become more emotionally turned away from both parents. Moreover, such kids are more likely to be unhappy in their own marriage and can easily start a conflict while rejecting the constructive problem solutions with their spouses. In conclusion, the studies have shown that the children of divorced parents are almost in two times more prone to various disorders and to having a risk to repeat the scenario of their parents.

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Divorces cannot be forbidden as it is the decision of any individual. Everyone should choose a spouse with a more sensible approach and then make everything for educating each other in a marriage. The marriage is stronger only when people are working every day on strengthening it.