Cigarette use is the leading cause of death, but it can be prevented

The use of tobacco spreads through all levels of human development, from children to adults. Cigarette is made up of tobacco. It is estimated that tobacco kills more than 6 million people all over the world. More than 1 million people die due to second hand exposure of tobacco smoke.

Human Effects of Cigarette Smoking. Among the adults, cigarette smoking causes stroke and heart disease. In addition, signs of heart disease can be found in adolescents who smoke. Among the sports people, cigarette smoking damages their physical fitness in terms of endurance and performance. Smoking is also associated with cancer; lung cancer, myeloid leukemia, cervical cancer, kidney cancer, and stomach cancer among others. Smoking has also proved to have adverse effects in reproduction as well as early childhood such as premature delivery, still birth, and infertility.

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Economical Effects. Though tobacco industry pumps a lot in terms of revenue much more of the same is consumed in caring of the patients who suffer smoking related diseases. The cost of cigarette use can be measured in terms of massive toll of suffering, diseases, and family distress.

Therefore, the economies suffer from decreased productivity due to limited or inactive labour caused from cigarette deaths and illnesses. For example, in Kenya it costs the government more than 1 billion annually to cure patients’ sufferings from cigarette related diseases.

Environment wise, cigarette smoking increases the level of carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere thereby increasing global warming. Also, the ozone layer is depleted due to increased CO2 as a result; there is increased solar radiation that causes skin cancer.

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With reference to the above harmful effects of cigarette smoking, I agree with the statement that sale of cigarettes should be illegal.