Effective MIS Applications

Inventory Management Information System

In nutshell, different organizations employ different management information systems which are based on the kind of operations that they undertake. It is, however, very difficult to have a single system operating in a company that has diverse operations. The system that the company has in place allows also electronic data interchange, which enables that the data that are transmitted through it to be delivered in an ordinary and globally understandable message format. It, thus, adds flexibility of the company and order placement by customers, while the managers use decision support systems to help them make correct decisions. FedEx Corporation has been able to grow through the years due to the technological changes which they adopted. They have been able to reduce the costs, and their income has been on the rise since then. Every aspect of the organizations operation, including twenty four hour service, is possible because there are many management systems that monitor these operations. The company can now state that it has seen the results at which they were aimed, and more systems are incorporated, as they aim to do even better.

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