Easy A Review

Easy A was a phenomenal reinterpretation of the literary classic The Scarlet Letter. Easy A gives a modern spin on a historical masterpiece and allows young people to relate to the events in The Scarlet Letter. The two hundred year old novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne describes the story of Hester Prynne who lives in the very intolerant, Salem Massachusetts during the 16th century. Hester because of her mortal sin of adultery is ostracized and is forced to wear a scarlet A on her bosom so everyone recognizes her as an outcast.

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Easy A tells the story of Olive Prendergast the cliche of teenage girl, an unknown girl ignored by most of the boys at her school. That is until her pushy friend Rhianna forces her into lying about her hot date over the weekend and the loss of her virginity. Shortly after the false admission of her romantic weekend the schools’ religious zealot, Marianne Bryant, exposes Olive as a whore. Olive’s little white lie to her best friend snowballs out of control until it defines her. However instead of silently accepting the mockery and shame like Hester, Olive embraces her new identity and proudly brandishes an A across her chest to let everyone know who she is. Olive even further damages her reputation by allowing lies to circulate about her promiscuous behavior with the more desperate and lonely boys of her grade, in order, to enhance their popularity. Despite her somewhat self-less intentions, Olive’s actions led to unforeseen and unfortunate events including the loss of her best friend. Surprisingly the ending brings everything together and leaves the reader with a satisfied and content feeling.

Easy A is a hilarious account of a problem that has plagued young women for centuries. The movie’s timeline is incredibly unique as well because the movie is told from Olive’s perspective while she reminisces, in front of her webcam to a live audience. Easy A shows us high school through the eyes of a gossip victim and leaves the viewer feeling sympathetic to all those socially struggling because of what someone else said. Easy A is a superb movie with exceptional insight on the same issues covered in The Scarlet Letter, sin, redemption, tolerance and love.

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