Earning an Associate’s degree in health services administration from Florida National College will be one of the best accomplishments in my life. This is because apart from giving advance in the knowledge of health services, Florida National College also equips individuals with skills required to work in the dynamic field of health care. Despite the fact that this form of education presents a major challenge of how to work practically, I am glad that I took this bold step and joined the degree program. The program will give me a chance to interact with people of various categories, social classes, age, culture, and backgrounds.

I am certain that studying an Associate’s degree in health services administration will provide me with necessary skills to not only become a competent health care professional but also to be a leader in innovation of services that will solve some of our most pertinent challenges in the health sector. I am aware that to be successful in this career, I must always strive to be a problem solver. In this regards, I have to acknowledge the importance of working independently and with other people as a team to achieve a common goal. In addition, I am respectable and humble student ready to make mistakes and learn from them in my academic sojoun.

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Florida National College is suitable for this course because of its good national reputation combined with its good faculty organization of health services administration Associate’s degree program. Due to the college’s culture of supporting academic excellence, I strongly believe that I will not only succeed in education but also other related activities such as community health development programs. Besides all this features, Florida National College promotes compassion for the students and, therefore, it presents a great opportunity for me to develop a brilliant career in the future as a health care administrator.

An Associate’s degree in health services administration will give me an outline of current leadership and management presumptions required in the health sector. The program will equip me with the skills required to become a successful health care leader such as decisive thinking, efficient communication, resolving conflicts, team building, and change management. The course provides 4 hours of lecture every week and requires students to do the reading in advance. The program has a laboratory prerequisite where students have to execute nursing correlated skills. The course requires students to complete 16 hours of medical studyy every week and also allocate time to prepare for the clinical work.

I am working hard to take the TEAS test that will enable me to transfer to the nursing program which is my dream course. In this context, I am working towards graduating with a high GPA. This score will allow me to transfer to the nursing program. The nursing course will introduce me to the basic nursing concepts, abilities, and procedures. It will also expand my ability to exploit fundamental nursing skills such as curative communication, weighing up critical signs, computation of drug doses, and prescription management through oral and intramuscular routes. With these skills, I aspire to become a competent professional nurse.

The nursing program will enable me to study and practice the knowledge required to carry out a check for critical signs such as blood pressure, mental status test, and a systematic head-to-toe evaluation of all the major systems in patients. The program is uniformly divided between 2 hours of instruction and 2 hours of hands-on experience in the laboratory practicing the skills that have been taught. Subsequently, the nursing program will also provide me with an understanding of the numerous roles of nurses in supporting, preserving, and reinstating community health.

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