Dying of a Broken Heart

Have you ever had a broken heart? I just got my first. I always thought the talk of it being one of the worst emotional experiences ever was all just rubbish, but now I realize all of it was right. She had my heart and I had hers and we were perfect. We spent as much time as we could together, going to movies, each other’s houses, and sometimes just taking long car rides, just sitting in silence, holding hands. I had a bond with her that I have never had with any other human being; I truly believe she was the one. But in an instant, what was once a loving existence between the two of us was shattered in an instant. Everything we had built, torn down. Every symbol, destroyed. Every happy memory that we shared together now polluted by the knowledge that it can never be the same way again. One mistake ruined it all. Everything that I had grown near and dear to torn to shreds. My body is flooded with emotions. Sadness, anger, depression, all of these things are all present in my head like there is air in the earth… My heart feels like it has been exploded from the inside like it was a frag grenade. Bits here, bits there, some just gone, trying to fit back together again, trying to be whole again, but I know they never will be. No matter how hard I try to forget, no matter how much I try and move on, there will always be a hole where she once called home, a place that nobody can fill but her. So now as I leave you all with what’s left of my broken heart, I pray you never have to experience this pain, never have to go through the emotional gauntlet I am now running. Show your girl as much love as you can fellas, but be careful, because take it from me, you never know when your love can leave you dying of a broken heart.

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