Each year 17,000 people drive from drunk drivers. Each year 12,000 drunk drivers die from accidents caused from them drinking before getting behind the wheel. Drivers that are intoxicated do not think before getting in the care. They are not tensed up and are very loose. They drive careless and reckless. If you drink out in public like a bar, club, New Orleans, anything make sure you have a designated driver. It is okay to drink in public in Louisiana but it still is illegal to drive while being under the influence. Drunk drivers do not realize what they are doing or what they did till its done. Driving while intoxicated is not only illegal it is pathetic. Getting drunk for a few hours to wear off pain is completely ridiculous. it only pushes your pain away for a little while then it comes back. It could even be with depression. Drinking is very addicting and you should only have a couple drinks every now and then if any at all. Drinking causes many problems. It causes break ups, fights, complications, causes people to do stupid and wrong things, and just is not good for you. Drinking is okay if your over the age of 21 but its best to not drink at all. Most people get away with drinking by making fake i.d’s or taking someones that they look like. Drinking and driving is a very serious crime and if the person dies then you are going to jail for a long time for driving while intoxicated and homicide. Thats two charges that you will have to live with forever. Taking the lives of others because of a stupid choice will forever haunt you. An example of a drunk driver is Ashlee Stokes. She was at a party with her family and she was driving to the store with a family member to get ice cream and was struck by a drunk driver. That drunk driver is now sitting behind bars for almost killing a poor innocent girl who was just having fun with her family. Ashlee has struggles in her life everyday because of the problems she has with her body after the accident. Don’t drink and drive!!!

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