Anyone that is drinking and driving is a safety concern to the public and community. In our world there are already too many safety concerns, some more avoidable than others. Driving under the influence of alcohol is unmistakably an avoidable safety hazard. Our society is very susceptible to driving under the influence because we make excuses, “Oh it’s just a couple blocks it’s not going to hurt anyone…” ”its one block no cop is going to find me” it will hurt someone, even if it’s not the first time you drive under the influence its will affect someone. Honestly, why do it in the first place?! It’s only going to affect your driving record, Sobriety check points and interlocks can play a big part in getting these dangers of the road.

First off, 70-80% of people support and favor sobriety checkpoints to battle drunk driving. Unfortunately Iowa, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming don’t allow them because its either illegal under their state constitution or they’re simply because they’re only allowed to do traffic stops. Why wouldn’t you allow something that can dramatically decrease the percentage of intoxicated driving casualties by up to 30%?! From MADD “sobriety checkpoints can reduce alcohol-related crashes and fatalities by 20%” It’s a no brainer as to why you should allow sobriety checkpoints. Even if you’re thinking “Ohh it’s a waste of time and also it takes away from the police force” you’re wrong, according to MADD “sobriety checkpoints have been successfully run in California and Ohio with only three to four police officers” and “Well-conducted sobriety checkpoints generally delay drivers for no more than thirty seconds and cause no traffic problems”. Did I mention they’re very cost efficient and easy way to arrest more drivers for intoxicated driving than just going on normal patrol shifts? “In 2012, 10,322 people were killed and approximately 345,000 were injured” according to MADD. These deaths and injury numbers can easily be lowered by increasing the use of sobriety checkpoints.”

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Sobriety checkpoints aren’t the only way that we can fight drunk driving. Putting an interlock on cars whose owners have had a DUI more than once, it’s another very effective way to fight drunk driving, economically and safety wise. It only costs three dollars a day to monitor and calibrate the interlocks. Plus, because the DUI offender has to pay for his or her own system, he or she is paying for their own safety. Interlocking systems are very reliable and very fool proof, and the interlocking system prevents drivers from drinking while driving too, with random breath tests. Yes, these tests are safe, regardless of the myths that these random tests actually cause more harm than good, according to MADD “The tests are not designed to be done while the car is rolling. Interlocks give people a few minutes –enough time to pull over-to perform the retest”.

All these are safe and efficient ways to protect ourselves and others around us. Every little thing helps, that may be donating money to the foundation of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) or even donating your time to help out your local police dept. Help fight the battle against drunk driving, prevent, support, and really just don’t drive drunk.

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