Drugs: Why Pregnant women should stop taking drugs and how the drugs affect them.
Most women in the world take drugs for many reasons and cannot control themselves long enough to stop doing the drugs.
I believe that taking drugs of any type while your pregnant is a very critical and dangerous choice that should not be done under any circumstances. I know that people take drugs in order to relieve themselves for many reasons but I know that there are better ways to get your stress off for instance you can exercise and you can also just keep yourself busy so that you will not have time to even think about doing the drugs or have the feeling that you need to do the drugs.

There is also the option of trying rehab if you’ve already tried everything else that you can think of to better yourself and etc. I know that its hard to stop yourself from doing the drugs when there is nothing to really hold you back but i’m asking you to please stop and think will this really help? Another option is to just think about how you doing the drugs will affect and increase the chance of you having an unhealthy baby also just knowing that there is such a great chance for you to lose your child before it is even born all because you wanted to do drugs will stay with you just about forever .

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The causes for women taking drugs while pregnant is that the mother could be being forced to take the drugs from someone that is giving them a lot of peer pressure. There is also the possibility that the mom simply does not want her child to be healthy and etc. The effects on the child from the drugs is that the child will be mentally unstable and or physically unstable and etc.
If this is the case the child may have slim chance on graduating and getting a degree and etc if the problem is very serious. Then that will also be something to think about.There are a good few bright sides to taking drugs but only when they are herbs that are used only for healing or cleaning out your body in some way.
There are drugs and are out there that are only used for healing the body for example the anti-inflammatory is a drug, used to treat conditions such as arthritis. Instead of taking drugs you should try those types of herbs and or drugs.There is also the option of taking different types of medicines. Medicine can influence you physically by using the power of your thoughts and emotions.
Healing herbs are like medicine to, Healing herbs mostly come from plants.For example the natural herbs that can be taken in by the digestive system come from plants these plants help you with many things but the drugs that are not good for you like tobacco and marijuana are not the type of drugs that you should take. Drugs like marijuana can lead to death, early death,disease, and misfortune in many other ways as well .
This is why I do not believe that its the best choice to take drugs not only pregnant women but everyone . I know for a fact that no one should take drugs to begin with because once you start is becomes very hard each time you do it to stop yourself from continuing because of the rush that people get from taking the drugs. In conclusion I believe that women and people around the world should stop doing drugs.

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