Alcohol is an abusive drink that can possibly kill people; We need to cut away
from drinking to have less deaths every year. The reason why we need to cut back is
because when people get drunk they have blurry vision and can’t see well. When they get
wasted they don’t know what they see, hear, think, or even do. That’s why if your at a
friends house and when they tell you, “you need to stay here”, that means they don’t want
you to get in a wreak with them if they do get into one.

When people are dealing with drugs they tend to go crazy. Like the people dealing them will sell a little for a lot of money. When people smoke weed they are more relaxed and heather but it was closing down tobacco farms left and right so they outlawed the drug, then there was coke. When cocaine was outlawed in 1914 it was used for medical purposes stop random bleeding and it was put in Coca-Cola. Then there was heroine it was to shoot up your vain to be used as pain killer in the army. When they retired from the army it was so additive that they would do anything to buy it just to use as a drug for everyday life.

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Smoking is worse then weed. Why? Because it can cause lung cancer. Smoking causes about 87% more lung cancer deaths. About 3,000 die from second hand smoke from inhaling it so much. When people smoke they are not ingesting only tobacco they are also inhaling 43 to 60 carcinogens in one cigarette. That’s a lot of carcinogens!!

Smoking and drinking is not a good combination. Because when people are wasted they tend to smoke so that the tobacco taste better. People also try to limit their drinking beverages and try to quit smoking at the same time, they crave more and are so tight in mussels. So when they try to quit both tell them to stop one and when they do better at not craving it then go to the next drinking.

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