I was taught, as most children were, to not use drugs. Peer pressure overruled this. Most teenagers think that drugs help deal with stress. In my situation, they don’t. I was raped on August 1, 2009. Before this all happened, I, too, believed I could deal with stress this way, but that’s not how it works anymore.
The night I was raped, I drank alcohol and used marijuana. The police believe there may have been an untraceable drug called ruffulin added to one of those substances, because I couldn’t feel my arms or legs and my head lulled to the side. I was pretty much a puppet.
Since then, if I ever even try to do marijuana, I have anxiety attacks and flash backs of that night. It replays in my mind and, since I’m high, it’s like it’s happening again-over and over. I feel as if I’m going to die again and again.
This is not the only reason I stay away from drugs. Someone-I shall remain unnamed-very close to me, used to be addicted to Cocaine. She now has many problems with her mouth and voice. She gets anxiety attacks constantly and it’s very hard on her.
People use drugs as an outlet, to get away from their problems, but in the end, it just adds more problems to their list. Teachers and parents were right. Drugs are bad for you. They do hurt you and they hurt those around you, too.

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