This is one of the most debatable laws in America.What should the drinking age be?The drinking age right now is 21.This is the age where many people go to college.College is mainly for academics but you are also there to have fun.Unfortunately for some people, this means abusing alcohol.This is very common at the University of Wisconsin.I think that by making the drinking age 21, we are just asking for accidents, and in some cases, death.Why would you make the drinking age the same age where you will attend tons of party with your best friends?I am honestly not sure.You could make it legal at an earlier age, but that would be an even bigger mistake.Legalizing driving and drinking around the same age would be a disaster.First of all, being younger makes people less responsible and secondly, drunk driving rates would increase at an all time high.Just learning how to drive is enough for such a young age of 16.Then there is the option of making the drinking age even older.What would that hurt?People are going to break the law but it’s going to make less people drink if it’s illegal.Drinking is a good thing if you are responsible.If it is abused, it can ruin a person’s life.At the age of 21, when plenty of dumb decisions are already made, we are just asking for alcohol to be a problem.What would happen if alcohol was taken away from the American culture, similarly to Aristophanes play, Lysistrata, where women were removed.Taking away alcohol would make some people realize how important alcohol really is to their life.Most people would be able to move on in life and just drink something else.Some less fortunate people would be devastated.These would be the alcoholics.Most alcoholics start drinking between the age of 15 and 17.This proves my point that the drinking age should be later.If the drinking age was 30, these kids would never consider drinking.Because the age is 21, most kids do not see the harm because their 21st birthday is only a couple years away.

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