Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama

Dragon ball Z is a manga about good and evil.Dragon ball Z is a graphic novel series written by akira toriyama Dragon ball Z has many surprising event and is very hard to predict what is going to happen in the next part of the story.

Dragon ball Z at this part in the story is very action packed. A very powerful new enemy has risen this time he can absorb the good and steal their strength and power. The enemy’s name is cell he is a alien that if he absorbs certain people he will transform and get even stronger. The good people in Dragon ball Z are very strong like Goku,Gohan,Vegeta,and Trunks but even though they are very strong cell is able to block all their attacks and easily defeat them. Cell even threats to destroy the planet.

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Dragon ball Z has taught the reader to never give up it shows the reader that if you are determined and persistent you can do whatever you put your mind too. In Dragon ball the heroes like Goku and Gohan stayed determined and persistent and overcame the first enemy that rose so this tell us we can do the same.

Dragon ball has many action packed and funny moments. The best part of the book to me is when Goku’s son Gohan has just watched all his friends and family get beat or hurt almost to death. Without knowing he realised a power none has ever seen in the story and passes past the power point people like him were supposed to break. Everyone was astonished and could not believe that such a young and scary boy could transform and become so strong.

Some people might not like Dragon ball Z if they don’t like action and comedy some people even don’t like Dragon ball Z because the heroes keep getting stronger and stronger when everyone believed they reached their limit.There was only one thing i didn’t like about Dragon ball Z at this point which is that the enemy is so strong and can easily beat Goku and his friends after they have been training for years at a time.

Dragon ball was written by Akira toriyama he was responsible for creating dragon ball. dragonball was a source of inspiration for almost all other manga. If it wasn’t for him creating Dragon ball anime would not be the way it was today at all he began it all and made a huge impact on the world today.

In this part of Dragon ball the enemy is a lot stronger than the strongest good guy but with training and determination that person got stronger and could action possibly take care of the enemy but they would have to work hard. In real life if we were determined and put in effort we could do the same and defeat our obstacles.

Dragon ball is a wonderful series and should be read by many it can inspire some people that they can do whatever they want. If you are someone that likes action or comedy then Dragon ball Z is your series. If you are going through tough times dragonball z can take your mind of things and show you that you should never lose hope about anything.

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