This book is 4th book to the amazing sequel, nought and crosses series by Malorie Blackman. Her out of the box thinking has created a book in which darker colored people (crosses)rule over the lighter colored people (noughts). The first three books are based on Persephone (Sephy) a cross who carries the child of a nought, Callum, who died before his child was born. The books talk about her struggles fitting in and discrimination she faces…

The fourth book, Double Cross, is about Callie Rose, the daughter of Sephy and Callum,, and her boyfriend Tobey. It is a romantic and passionate book that Malorie wrote. The struggles Callie faces being mixed in place where your skin color is all that matters.

The racism faced by the characters in the book is like something people could face in the real world. Malorie’s well written novelwill make you feel like that your the character in the situation. Her passion and experience helps the reader understand how people feel when facing these situations. The problems children face growing up in a world full of racism and discrimination.

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A place where kids are either born with wealth and money or a born poor and end up becoming criminals to survive. One’s life is determined by the color of their skin. The book is a touching love story in which, Tobey gets into a bunch of trouble with two of the world’s biggest criminals just to get revenge for his girlfriend.

Even if you aren’t a fan of love stories (like me) i would recommend it, this book if more than just love. This book is about how a young adult manipulates the world’s biggest masterminds to make things go his way. It is an amazing book that one must read.

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