Does love have an age limit?

An age difference in a relationship shouldn’t mean a thing. Especially not during the early stages, because getting paranoid about your partner being older or younger will inevitably change your perception of their personality and character, the things you should ultimately be looking for the most when you initially meet someone. Can somebody’s age really affect who they are? I mean yeah, you’re a little older, you’re a little wiser maybe, but if you have a warm heart and a caring personality, why should you be ignored or unacknowledged simply for the year you were born in? A good person, or a compatibilty, will always be there regardless of how old you are.

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You can’t forge your feelings based on somebody’s age, and you sure as hell can’t help who you fall in love with. It shouldn’t be enough to hear a number and be scared away without considering the possibilities of something much greater that could develop, if given a chance. Sure, it can be overwhelming sometimes to think about your life in a way that means you might have a difference in knowledge or experience with your partner, but in the end you’d have found somebody you want and you can imagine a life with. Why sacrifice that, and potentially ruin any chances you have with somebody who genuinely needs to be with you for the sake of reputation or image? Like I said, regardless of the complications or repercussions of your feelings, you can’t help who you fall in love with. And if you’re sure your feelings are right, and you’d be willing to take a chance on somebody, do it. Make sure when you do find the opportunity, you don’t push it away over something minor like age because you could end up losing a lot more than you anticipated you would be losing. And the main problem is, you can’t always find it again.

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