We Teens are pressured to try alcohol, a joint, dip. Does any notice that dip could cause lip and tongue cancer? I mean does any one know that teens wreck their lives because of drugs. I am asking if people have tried or not tried weed. Do we teens just try to hurt our family’s or do we do it for popularity? I have tried a joint before when I toke a puff I said to myself do need this in my life to destroy me? I said no. because I did not want to hurt my family and friends. I said and promised myself that I would not smoke any thing ever again. To this day I have been asked and asked over and over again to smoke but I always say no. Because weed ruined my best friends life. R.I.P Cory. That is why I will not buy weed or any type of drug ever again. Even when I go to the doctor I will not let them put me on pain pills. I promise you America I will not buy any drugs or Alcohol.

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