A Fortune 500 company is exposed to a wide range of internal and external factors including personnel turnover and competitiveness in the marketplace. Job descriptions have over the years evolved from the traditional form to a diverse and detailed range of responsibilities. This company requires the right human resources to meet its specific needs. According to Cole (2008), this diversity has become an inevitable practice in the modern corporate environment. Therefore, it is important for this company to assess and recruit a versatile and flexible candidate to fill the sales manager position in the fiber optic division.

The primary requirements for the position are the following: a strong and articulate candidate with sophisticated social skills needed to entertain clients. The manager should also be well informed on fiber optics and the company in general. Additionally, due to the demanding time commitment the job requires, the manager should have a flexible personal time schedule.

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The candidates available are all highly qualified and capable of carrying out the responsibilities required in this position. However, due to the nature of the occupation, only one candidate is eligible to fit the organization’s requirement: Jyoti, Manager of Wireless Retail Store. Jyoti has a history in sales department having served as a manager in a regional sales office of a phone company. This candidate has experience in sales management and has also shown leadership qualities in training sales personnel, as well as recorded success in improving the sales revenues in her capacity as sales manager in her previous company.

Jyoti’s single marital status will enable her accommodate the busy and demanding travel schedule the position entails. Additionally, the candidate is also knowledgeable in the product sold and exhibits strong interpersonal and social skills that will be important in serving and interacting with corporate clients.

My recommendation is to offer Jyoti the sales manager position in the company.

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