DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

The day you turn 16, you decide. Your faction, is thicker than blood. Your faction, is your family. And they make you choose, what you’re going to be, for the rest of your life. You are either Candor. (The honest) Abnegation. (The selfless) Amity. (The peaceful) Erudite. (The intelligent) Or you are Dauntless. (The brave) Your choice decides your fate. And there are no second chances. You can choose only once.

Beatrice has never fit in with Abnegation. She has never been selfless enough, never good enough. She would never be Candor, she lies, and to save her life she would do it again. Amity never had a chance. That leaves two, and Erudite would never fit her personality. Giving up her home Beatrice joins Dauntless in a struggle to find herself. She isn’t really sure if that’s where she belongs, but there was no other options.

Dauntless studies brutality like a second nature, breaking those who are small, until only the strong are left. Beatrice is small, but only on the outside. Tris is who she really is, even if no on else can see the Dauntless girl she is, instead of the weak Abnegation one. Four does not see her as weak, encouraging her to succeed any time it seems like she might break. Four infuriates Tris at times, but she can’t deny her feeling for him. Her world is finally coming together, just when everything falls apart.

This is one of my new favorite books, and that is not a phrase I use lightly. Sure I love a lot of books, but for one to break the barrier and fall into my favorite list? It has to be amazing. And this book is nothing short of it. The characters and plot were amazing and very complex, I loved Four so much! The next book INSURGENT is due to come out May 1 2012. So Divergent lovers fret no more. The sequel will be out soon.