Diseases and Conditions

Steven Hickman examines the behavioral changes associated with stress and recommends how patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses can effectively avoid stress. He notes that the use of “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” (MBSR) is an ideal therapy for stress. This therapy helps people to accept situations as they are avoiding unnecessary judgments. It is very effective in lowering stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing the immune system.

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Dr. Dipak Sarkar notes that stress is a major cause of several human diseases. When the hypothalamus receives stress stimuli, it sends these signals to higher centers like the cerebrum from where mood is controlled. A breakdown in this axis leads to metabolic disorders and a dysfunctional immune system. The emergence of chronic diseases is usually due to the compromised immune system which can be very lethal.

In the given help-guide, it is noted that the first step to solving stress related problems is identifying the source of the stress and trying to overlook the thought of these situations. While some stressful situations can be avoided, it is best to alter the stressful aspects of some situations to eliminate the potential stress. Nonetheless, the best therapy will be a slight change in one’s lifestyle and trying to live with the things that one does not have the absolute power to change.

According to the page on “Diseases and Conditions”, people can fine-tune their immune system through spiritual harmony. Mental and physical exercise can effectively reduce stress as it draws the mind to other situations other than the stressful ones. For example, yoga helps one to focus on the serenity of nature rather than thinking about situations that would cause one stress.

In “Principles of Naturopathic Medicine & Natural Healing, Better Body Clinical Nutrition Austin”, mitigation of physical and mental illness is best found through natural healing. For instance, natural therapy should be adopted to help the body renew itself rather than change how the body works. This works well for various conditions like headaches, fatigue, and weight loss among others.

In conclusion, it is almost impossible to avoid stress in life. However, people should learn to appropriately manage stress and avoid stressful situations when they arise.

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