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Atium Gallery’s website consists of common elements that facilitate navigability. The elements enable the gallery to achieve common structural utility as well as consistent branding, and this serve to improve the user’s experience with the search activities. Every page is comprised of a number of common navigation elements. These elements include the link to the Home Page, Shop-Online, Trade Mark, Stores, Magazine, What’s New, Vacancies, and Contacts. The Home element will be facilitating the linking to the primary page from any other page of the website. The Shop-Online element links to the page that consists of information relating to the items that the customers gain access to via the website. In an endeavor to ensure credibility, the customers are presented with the Trade Mark link which connects them to the page that explicates the distinctive characteristics of the items that are offered for sale at the gallery (Blue Fountain Media 2009; Cederholm & Marcotte, 2009).

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Figure 1 below is a mere representation of the home page of the online shop. Apart from the common linkage elements, not much is presented in this page. It is simply the location where the search endeavors commences. From the home page, a shopper has the capacity to sign in, update emails, as well as the shopping bag.

Figure 2 represents some of the showcase items that are offered for sale at the online shop. The customers are presented with the choices of shopping either as per the color or the size of the dress. The range of dress sizes from the XXXS to XXXL, together with a range of about eight colors enables the online shop to avail a wide variety of dresses for the interested customers to choose from.

Figure 2: Online Shop

Upon clicking on a dress of choice, the details about the dress are revealed, including the color, size, and the price as it is indicated in figure 3. At this juncture, the shopper may share the information on his profile of any of the three social networking sites where the site has established a connection. The shopper may also forward the information to a friend, add the item to his/her shopping bag, or even add to the wish list.

Figure 4 represents the Shopping Bag. While filling the shopping bag, the shopper supplies the details of the cart items including the quantity and item price. The user has the option of updating the amount of quantity being shopped for before supplying the coupon code. Consequently, the shopper makes the decision as to whether to continue shopping or checkout. The rest of the links remain relatively unchanged, a situation that ensures uniformity while interactive with the site.

Figure 5 is a representation of the form that contains pieces of information that online customers are required to supply so as to enhance their interaction with the gallery’s online services.

According to figure 5 above, the website is implemented in a manner that minimizes user requirements as much as possible so as to enable random visitors to find their way out with ease. Not many customers would wish to participate in search activities if they are made to fill long and multiple web forms during their first visit at the site. Online customers will be allowed to discover the goods and services being offered at the Atium Gallery without having to share information that is more than necessary (Blue Fountain Media 2009). The registration requirement for the use of this website is quick, and the customers do not have to keep on scrolling page after page. Ideally, all barriers will have been eliminated as the users may find it bothering if they are made to spend a significant amount of time filling forms. The website has a fixed height, so as to ensure that everything is perceived in a single glance. Just like with the contact page, there is no information or necessary items below or above the fold (Douglas & Hong 2007, 2-9).

Figure 6 below depicts a step in the preparation of shipping of the items that have been shopped through online means. Online shopping eliminates the challenges that the customers faces as they seek to overcome various geographical barriers and time constraints. This is achieved by shopping at the stores that offers online solutions as shipping services to their customers. The customers’ role in the transactions is, primarily, focused on shopping, footing the bill, and providing the correct address so as ease the entire process. Such information is sharable with friends via such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter (Gillenwater 2010, 11-13).

Figure 7 is depicts a webpage that is focused on enhancing the public opinion regarding the products on offer, the trade mark page. The webpage updates the customers on the events of the near future so that they can align themselves with the online shop in an effective manner. There is an image and the associated message in the middle of the page. This serves as the primary advertising section where an example of the collection being launched is presented. There is a slideshow consisting of four images that vary with themes. Each of these images has a close relationship to the brands being offered for sale. Online customers are presented with the capacity to utilize these images as links that directs them to their correspondent page (Gillenwater 2010, 11-13).

Figure 8 present the location of the stores of the Atium Gallery. According to the diagram, the store will begin its operations at the beginning of March 2013 at the Tsum Department Store. The rest of the links retain their typical location as well as the functionality.

Figure 9 below is meant to make a presentation of the online shop’s magazine. The information presented on the page relates to the news and events that enable the customers to be informed. The page has a section that presents the category of the items being offered for sale at the gallery, as well as the planned trade events. The page indicates to be under development since the shop is yet to open.

Figure 10 represents the page that informs the customers on what is new at the store. The page presents the newest clothing brands and, since a customer has a capacity to share such information sites such as Facebook and twitter, it is possible for the information about the new brands to go international within a short duration of time. The gallery will, therefore, be expected to offer surfaces that befit its status and reputation. In fact, among the fundamental reasons why organizations introduces the online solutions is to attract a high number of customers and also keep informing the rest of the clients on the most important developments (Loveday & Niehaus 2007, 23-34).

Figure 11 represents the manner in which the gallery advertises vacancies are advertised through online means. For instance, the figure indicates that there are vacancies various positions. The positions can be filled as assistant buyer, advanced accountant and economist, as well as students and graduates. The user requirements are minimized as much as possible so as not to scare away some potential customers. As it has been indicated in the earlier sections of the paper, the website will have a fixed height, so as to ensure that everything is perceived in a single glance. There will be no information or necessary items below or above the fold (Loveday & Niehaus 2007, 23-34).

The figure 12 below represents the web page that presents the contact details to the customers. The contact details are presented in a manner that does not appear to squander the customers’ patience. In that case, they are minimized so that the customers do not have to keep scrolling the page while evaluating the contact information. The webpage has a fixed height, so as to ensure that everything is perceived in a single glance. There are no information or necessary items below or above the fold.

Apart from the details that concern the address and other communication particulars, the designing and implementation of the rest of the page is remarkably similar to that of the first page. This is done so as to ensure consistency and ensure that the customers do not have to struggle to understand different operations at every page. In addition to being concise, the contact details are placed at the center of the page so as to eliminate the need for scrolling whenever to and fro navigation activities are accomplished (Douglas & Hong 2007, 2-9).

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According to figure one above, the page presents a slogan informing the customers that the website is a new way of shopping that enables the shoppers to create and manipulate their wish lists. The website enables the customers to update themselves by reading fashion related news as well as viewing exclusive videos at the comfort of their homes. Other useful links, including those relating to discounts, the online shop, the mother shop as well as various social networking sites are presented at the footer. Finally, the search element is presented at the top right hand side of the home and every other webpage of the Atium Gallery’s website.