Different. Unicamitante BellisimaMore Then One (Every girl should read this) Body, Peresona, Beauty

She walked into the building and her smile lit up his world. She was wearing tight jeans, low cut and had a t-shirt with the Rolling Stones on it. Her blonde hair hung just below her waist and her blue eyes sparkled like the sun. Her thin frame moved with a swiftness that left him breathless. Arianna, he thought. She ran to hang with her friends the “popular girls” who all looked just like her. Thin figure, long hair and intriguing style. The all began to move and he knew it was time for him to stop staring.

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She walked into the building her shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail today. He muddy brown eyes looked wet, as though she had been crying. Her jeans fit nice around her legs and her glasses, were red and round framed. Her braces stuck out the minute she opened her mouth and her mid-section looked as it always did, round, rounder then others. She had on a t-shirt that was one size too big. She always dressed like this, like she was shy of her body. Why? He thought. Alice is beautiful, so curvy even if she dose have a bigger stomach then others. Alice headed to go with her friends. They were all better looking then her according to his friends but he enjoyed Alice. She was smart, witty, and even if she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin she never showed it. She went through life wit a disarming nature that made him smile. Ah Alice, he thought.

She walked into the school her crazy curly red hair flying around her as she walked. She had on a vintage skirt and a lace shirt. Her grin eyes twinkled like the stars. Her tall boots went up to her knee. She was not skinny by any means but she was not fat as in obese. She was healthy and beautiful. She walked to her locker and grabbed her books. Sherry, he thought. She never stopped to talk to anyone. At first he thought she enjoyed being recluse but then realized no one hung out with her. Maybe because of how she dressed. He wasn’t sure. He enjoyed looking at her trip her way through the halls of school. Sweet Sherry, he thought as he turned to laugh with his buddies.

All different body types. All different personalities. Different. Yet, each of these boys like how they look. I am not saying that it matters what a guy thinks about you but what I am saying is that there is more then one type of beautiful and girls need to realize that. Body types are all different and this topic appeals to me because am not the Barbie girl with the coca-cola shape. Really, no one is everyone has there own taste. It also appeals to me because I have a friend who I suspect is not eating anymore. She doesn’t want to gain weight and she doses not think she is pretty. Now, she wants blue contacts and got blonde highlights. Girls are not meant to be perfect and personality just beautifies you even more. I enjoy saying this, Unicamitante Bellisima. I think of my self like that. Uniquely Beautiful in Italian. We are all beautiful in a unique way. Personalities only help to beautify us. Personality defines us not looks. Remember that. And don’t think I am saying this while I have the guys on my tail and am a Megan Fox or something because is sooooo am not. Be comfortable with yourself and learn to like what God gave you.

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