Die for Me by Amy Plum

After losing both her parents in a car crash, Kate and her sister, Georgia, move to Paris to live with their grandparents. There, she locks herself up inside, loses all contact with her former friends, and suffers from depression, until one day she spies the handsome Vincent Delacroix in a French cafe. He and his friends, Jules and Ambrose, interest her by their open friendliness and over all beauty. But after witnessing Jules’s death and Vincent’s lack of response, Kate begins to question her attraction to Vincent.
Events take a turn when Kate sees Jules at an art museum. She follows him home where she finds a supposed dead Vincent. He introduces Kate to the secret world of revenants, immortals who died saving a life, but “animated” or came back to life, three days later. Their mission is to save people. Although warned against it, Kate falls in love with Vincent. However, their romance is anything but safe, because the revenants’ enemy, the numa hunt Vincent.
Die for Me also proves the theme that love makes us do crazy things. Kate does unbelievable things just to keep Vincent safe. She steps outside her comfort zone, risks her life, and may have even chopped off someone’s head. One of Plum’s strongest features is her ability to create stunning visuals. Readers can see every scene, and there are a lot, in perfect detail. Each character comes to life. Here’s when Kate first sees Vincent:
“He was breathtaking, with longish black hair waving up and back from a broad forehead. His olive skin made me guess…And the eyes that stared back into my own were as blue as the sea, lined with thick black lashes.”
I read this novel in four hours and rated it a ten out of ten. Between fighting the numa, high school, and the revenants, Kate’s life is never dull. Die for Me is one of my all-time favorite books. It is the first installment in Plum’s trilogy. The action packed sequel is titled, Until I Die. And, the shocking conclusion to this trilogy happens in If I Should Die. Will Kate and Vincent’s love survive?