This book is about a kid in summer vacation. It explains how his life is and the troubles he have.

He is constantly tortured by his mom and other siblings. He tries to play his video games but his mother tells him that he needs to spend more time outside. Like all kids he has a few arguments with his best friend. His older brother pranks him several times and always gets away with it. His younger brother yells embarrassing nicknames and phrases when he talks to his friends.

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I like this book even though it’s not really my type of book. I like that there is a lot of pictures and is most defiantly the best comedy book I’ve read so far. It includes good detail. There are many more books in this series so it will be great to get the next one.

This book is a great choice for a good comedy book. I liked it. I would suggest it to my younger brother. Thanks for a great book.