In a world where a child is raised being told what to think, say, and do parents wonder why their young ones are being led into a corrupt life. How are children of the future supposed to act when they have been sheltered all of their lives? What are they supposed to think if they from a broken home and all they see is drug and alcohol use? As the United Nations had said “There one hundred forty-one million people around the world who use marijuana.”: if the math is done correctly that’s is 2.5 percent of the world’s population. Each little girl and boy is raised learning how to adapt oneself to society. With a need of liberty, some teens rebel against the populations ‘cookie-cutter’ mindset. Drugs and alcohol are objects hat disguise themselves as a good way for teenagers to feel free in a conformed world.

The need for power rushes through every person’s veins at one point in time. Teens can feel trapped when they live sheltered lives. In those types of lives, the feeling of independence is strong so kids turn to drugs and alcohol. These addictive demons imitate every feeling that the user desires: bravery, courage, and non-conformity. The sense of rebelling against the community is another effect of the illegal substances. In reality, there is no freedom or any opportunity to grow as a person. If anything, it makes the user worse than where they had started. The user becomes trapped and starts to rely on the drug. Even though it seems to make life easier for the consumer, the drug destroys their body. The addicted teen becomes phlegmatic, apathetic, and vulnerable. On top of all that, it takes away the adolescent’s ability to think for themselves.

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Today’s teenagers have to balance home lives, school grades, and social standings; the amount of work it takes to keep all of those up is atrocious. While under the influence, minors typically think that school is not too hard, but that is because they never do their work. In result of this their grades decrease at a dramatic rate. Because the inhabitant is always on edge, their friends leave them to suffer through their addiction through. Thus leaves the user free of any form of drama. Not one person would trust a user with anything, so the person would never give the user any form of responsibilities. This takes away any feelings of stress. Have no fear though, with the use of drugs and alcohol, a person’s life can go down the drain within minutes.

With one’s mind not in the same realm, a teenager views life with no worries at all. Yet the fail to realize their world has ceased to exist in the eyes of others. A life full of clones leaves to defiant traits. Ignoring one’s desire to explore themselves and experience things in life is one of the leading causes linked to teen’s drug and alcohol use. The lies of the drug makes the individuals believe that they are a better person with an amazing future ahead of them. They don’t comprehend the fact that the poison makes them life, cheat, steal, and live a life in complete solitude.

Nothing in this world can stop a kid from being naturally rebellious and wanting to do ‘what everyone is doing’. Drugs and alcohol ruin lives, relationships, futures, and brain cells. They cause teenagers to do idiotic tasks that destroy any chances of a healthy life. It is obvious that the user is feeling empowered and happy even though they are being trapped within the claws of addiction. With the support and confrontation any one person can help prevent drug and alcohol use, and even help those who have been caught in the path of deception.

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