Depressed Negatively

Most things have two faces to it, even our heart. It is either filled with positive thoughts or negative ones. The later of which is not preferred. Negatively influenced people have been known to be walking on their way to depression. It is most often said that it feels like a very hefty blanket dragging them down leaving them feeling weak and powerless also resulting in the a downfall of confidence.

It definitely is a feeling no one would ever want to have; it definitely is a feeling no one deserves to have. A sense of disgust, hatred, and fear with an out throw of frustration and rage plenties their hearts yet most are in no position to relieve themselves. It is a feeling of being chained in a room whose walls have extremely harsh terms, telling them that they are incompetent and worthless, convincing them that they are fake written all over. Unlike the very usual Monday morning blues, this sense of fear and sadness will prolong for as long as possible killing any positive vibe that might have crept its way into a person’s life. None to my knowledge want to be surrounded by discouraged people and neither do the affected want to show their faces, this results in those depressed souls wearing hard masks covering their face, their true face.

It’s time we tell them that they are not alone, that we don’t want them to fight alone and that we are ready to help them to get their life back together again. It’s time we get them to realise that there is no such thing as negativity and it is simply the absence of positive and encouraging thoughts. It’s time we help them take their masks off and look at this world like never before, as a stage to put all of their talents to display, as a land of endless opportunities, love, and joy.

It’s time we teach them to smile; It’s time we teach them to stand on their own feet.
It’s time we make a difference.

Helping them will lead us to no loss so, Let’s do our little role as a part of the society!
Spread the smiles around!