Defense of Economic Growth

There are two opinions about the economic growth. One argues that economic growth gets the poor nation out of depths of the poverty and it enables to make good ties with the developed nations of the world. On the other hand opponents of the economic growth count the disadvantages of the economic growth and say that economic growth causes many problems for humans.

The Strong economy is the utmost requirement of the developing world. As America has the concern about the redistribution of the wealth and not about the production. Economic benefits provide the ways to the leader of the American nation to take the country in right direction. Many improvements are due to the economy growth of the America. Although many critics say that economic growth become the cause of the much destruction and people suffer of it.

When an analysis is carried about the benefits and disadvantages of the economic growth the economic growth dominates the other one. As the economic growth rises more job opportunities are created for the youth of that nation, and it also reduces the rate of poverty as the common people of that country have approach to the open market. Another affect of the economic growth is that as all citizens have the same rights to avail the leisure of life and sustain their status of life in a better style. Economic growth has many advantages over its opponents arguing not in favor of the economic growth. Industrialization makes rapid progress due to economic growth as the local investor take the interest to make more investment and provide the better working conditions to the employees.

Employees are paid a good salary and they can survive in the circumstances when the world economy is deteriorating. Therefore I am agreed with this that economy growth is desirable and sustainable. It will make America a very strong and prosperous place for the other world if more resources are located and used for the more production. Economic growth expands the human knowledge about exploring this world.