Daisy is a thirteen year old who doesn’t have many friends. Her only friend is Ryan, a super hot guy, who everyone loves.
Description and summary of main points
Daisy was born into a psychic family. Her mother works with the police department trying to solve cases that they need help with. When her mother is caught up in a case that she can’t solve Daisy tries to help. When cheerleaders start to get sick the newly dressed in black Samantha, the head cheerleader and her ex best friend, asks her to join the squad. Daisy soon agrees, so she can help her mom on the case. What’s going on? Who is trying to kill these cheerleaders? What is trying to kill these cheerleaders?
Daisy and Ryan team up to solve the mystery, and are surprised by what they find out. Daisy can’t quite figure it out. Who is linked to all of this? Who or what is doing this?
With all these crazy and dramatic things going on, you will never get tired of Dead is the New Black.
Your final review
All in all I thought this was a good book. It kept me going up until the very end. From the first page to the last this book kept my attention. There are surprises from the beginning to the end, and it made kept me guessing. I was truly stumped. You won’t believe it unless you read it yourself! I would recommend this book to anyone ages 13 and up.