There’s been this contradiction on where to get relationship advice at. Couples? Websites? How about someone who’s never dated? They may be your best bet. Think about it. They know more about themselves, which is good, because to understand your gender, you must first understand yourself. So if you have a friend of the opposite gender who’s never dated, they’re your best advice-givers. They could really give you tips on what they like, and that could set the standards for what most of that gender likes. Though if you’re chasing an oddball, they’re advice may not be very helpful. They’re advice is very general, but so is everybody else’s. So it’s like choosing someone who’s had some failed relationships, over someone who still has a fresh mind to the subject. I like to think that the one who hasn’t already failed in relationships is your best bet. But I guess in the end it’s your decision. I am going to leave you with something to think about though. Sometimes it takes the point of view of someone else to help you with your problems.

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