Have you ever been bullied? Was it online, at school, at home, etc? Well, Pheobie Prince was only 15 when she committed suicide after experiencing extensive Cyberbullying. Through texts and social media, she was harassed which soon led to her end. Even though both Cyberbullying and “traditional” physical bullying pose a serious threat to the lives of many, most believe that Cyberbullying may in fact be worse than physical bullying. In this world full of technology, kids and teens find it easier to bully online, through text/instant message, email, social networking sites and so much more. (Over the past year, one million children were harassed, threatened, or subjected to other forms of Cyberbullying on Facebook.)
Cyberbullying is worse in many ways. One way its worse is that online harassment has long lasting effects. Even though, yes, one punch may hurt and leave visible bruises, it only hurts for a moment. While, online abuse injures, or “leaves long-lasting bruises” on your self-esteem and worsens your emotional state. Another reason why is, young adults and kids don’t understand the consequences they may have for what they decide to put on the internet. If one person posted something offensive about someone else or about themselves, it will not only affect them, their family/friends, but also their future and whether or not they may be able to get into a certain school or a certain job.
A great example of this comes straight home to Damonte Ranch High School, where there’s an ongoing investigation including several teens dealing with inappropriate pictures of girls and boys. Believe it or not this is definitely an example of Cyberbullying. Kids are sending pictures of people, that degrades and embarrasses them. The boy’s called it “Pokemon”. They sent and traded pornographic/inappropriate pictures of other teens and previous seniors. Many people will now deal with the consequences of these actions.
I’m not saying the physical bullying isn’t a serious concern, I’m just stating the fact that online bullying is worse in its own ways. “Traditional or physical bullying can cause harm to one’s physical being. Physical bullying is defined as any type of harmful/hurtful physical abuse, by either a shove or an actual, dangerous fight. Fights can cause the victim to feel hopeless, useless, weak, and also lower their self-esteems. At the same time, the victims of this type of abuse can find a refuge while the victims of Cyberbullying find no refuge emotionally and mentally, soon affecting their physical state.
Cyberbullying is worse than traditional physical bullying. But, maybe the true question may not be, “which is worse? Online or Physical bullying?”. Instead, the real question may be, “what can we do to solve this growing predicament?”. There are several ways of stopping this sever issue from spreading even further and hurting hundred, thousands, maybe even millions more. First, it all starts with the younger generation, whom which needs to be informed on the dangerous effects of this issue. Also, we need to reach out to victims and help guide them to stand up against bullying and speak up against those that have hurt them emotionally, mentally, and physically. One way to stop it is by refusing to pass on hurtful messages and telling those who are bullying to stop. You must also stop communication with the bully and report them to a trusted adult. Overall, any type of bullying is life threatening and it’s time to take a stand against it and take another step towards a better life.


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