In this book
A girl name Kristina is


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A good student
She’s introduced to ‘the monster’
At first it was great
Getting high
She felt

On top of the world

Almost all the way to heaven

Until she


And she felt
Like there was no happiness left in her
And the only thing that could make her feel better
Was more

‘The monster’ took control of Kristina’s life
She was hooked
Crank on the way to school
Skip a few classes to get some crank
Crank when I got home
Crank before bed
It was all she could think about

Until one day she finds out that she’s pregnant
This takes her, already complicated, life
And flips it completely upside down
Know she knew she had to break the addiction
And she did
It was hard
But if it made her baby healthier she had to do it
Being a mom was hard for her
Although she wasn’t controlled by crank anymore
It was always in the back of her mind
Calling to her
But she didn’t give in

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