Recent studies reveal that in the past decades, the English language has drastically distributed to almost all corners of the world. I believe that the English culture shouldn’t be ubiquitous because of the frantic outcome it would make in many situations.
The effect of declaring English as the universal language would suffocate other culture. For one, we would loose the different colors of the world; foreign language and intelligences would become extinct, and tourism would disease sluggishly.

Just because English is a language, doesn’t mean it won’t do anything to ones culture; in fact it does. If English decides to universalize, cultural beauty would be lost. For example, if a young traditional Jamaican girl begins to speak English, eventually her accent would wash away over a period of time.

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When one’s exposed to another culture, they tend to be more interested. Since English is predominantly “Americanized” people from all over would consume the American culture, and puke-out their heritage.

As the stereotype goes “Americans’ are this….Americans is that…”, then the whole world would be considered as just “pathetic”. Over periods of time, America’s everyday life would devour others. As you noticed, for example, McDonalds has taken over. Everything is becoming American; English!
When people lose their cultural instincts, they lose their language, heritage, history, and their habits. If the everyday American is “fat or lazy”, then the whole planet earth would be a gigantic jello cup.
Which brings me back to why I think English as a universal language is a huge “no, no!” I don’t think it’ll be a fantastic idea.
My second reasons for not establishing English as an international language of the world because if earth is becoming Americanized, corps like McDonalds are taking over then isn’t it obvious that many countries would be almost identical to each other? In this case, tourism would come to an end.

The purpose of tourism is to venture out into the world, learn new things, eat new foods, and view different architecture. It wouldn’t be that entertaining if majority of the place you’re visiting use the same language and look almost like a twin of your home country. It’ll be no purpose to waste money just to see the same things you see at home. If it was up to me, if I go to another country, preferably Asia, then I would be interested in witnessing different temples of their many religions, eating their foods with chop- sticks, and living large in their palace-like hotels. I don’t want to waste my time seeing the replacement of urbanized structures, eating with my fingers (burgers, French fries, etc), and sleeping in the hotels that I have back in America. It’ll be a loss of time and money.
So, to end this debate, I’ll stay true to my word and decide the English should stay local, not universal. Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice for everyone to know about your language and culture but they shouldn’t dispose theirs to obtain yours; English in this case. For every cause theirs an effect. Please don’t let English effect the world.

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