Conflict Resolution

Harry Callahan is affected by the fact that he has served the forces for such a long time and he is unsure about the credibility of his workmates. It is possibly fair to assume that he is experiencing a chronic form of stress and is in fact not admitting to the situation at hand. As an experienced officer, both John and Sally expect him to lead from the front. Therefore, it means that they feel very disappointed that the person whom they can confide in is in fact not present to protect them and instill within them on the way forward about the matter. Therefore, it is possible that they are experiencing acute form of stress in the course of their service (American Psychological Association, 2012).

The potential conflict that may exist between Harry and me, as his supervisor, lies with the fact that he is not admitting to his weaknesses. He appears to be arrogant and does not take the matter (complaints) at hand with the seriousness it deserves. On the other hand, it is fair to assume that the source of conflict between Harry Callahan and John and Sally lies with the fact that he is withdrawn and irresponsible. Assumedly, Harry perceives John and Sally as junior officers and therefore, does not heed to their calls whenever needed. As a supervisor, I will embark on calling the three to a meeting and let them talk through the matter while I oversee. I will emphasize on providing both weaknesses and strengths of working together as well as the serious misfortune that might befall them whenever they decide to work separately. Through this strategy, they will be informed about the consequences of the matter at hand and either of the parties should overlook the matter as a whole. As the supervisor, I will also embark on deploying the moderate form of model whereby I will initiate communication between them so that both strengths and weaknesses are discussed at an effective level. I will also make sure that the officers develop models which they think will help them in overcoming the matter. A professional approach will also help in diminishing the negative behavior of Harry as a drunkard and through it portrays the ways through which the drinking affects his relationship with others.