Communicating Information through Symbols

Through the evolutionary theories of human nature, large volume of information is explained. This includes the evolutionary benefits of communicating in animals which enhanced the evolvement of language as an external means of handling and communicating information through symbols.

This implies that the evolutionary pressure to develop the external means of storing and transmitting information initially came from the animal connection. The detailed information about animals became so beneficial that our ancestors began to nurture wild animals.

This practice led to the domestication of some animals such as dog some thousands of years ago. Shipman suggests that the primary reason for rearing animals by human beings was to convert wild animals into living things during the ancestor’s time, with the core aim of using their meat product as food (ScienceDaily). As living things, human beings would benefit from a variety of reared animals in several different ways. They include providing renewable resources for killing rodents, preserving goods and tracking game. The tamed animals would also provide wool for warmth, means of transport for human beings and goods over distances and production of milk which was used as food. She tries to elaborate on Domestication as an exercise that takes generations and emphasizes on abilities to observe, empathize, and deliver across difficulties involved in species. Animals give a number of benefits to those with the attributes required the moment they completed. The link between human beings and animals has been associated with two major human advancements that include the development of language and tools, and the making of strong ecological habitats owned by the current human beings(Bushman J & Baumeister F. Pg 256-7).

Many of the behaviors and emotions that are observed as human nature are real responses to the environment of the ancestors. The behaviors have been reshaped and restructured by the actions of natural selection. The human beings humans posses some tendencies which are adaptive in the time in which they evolved. It should also be seen that, just because certain characteristics are part of human nature, does not mean that they cannot be altered. It is possible for cultural evolution to give responses which are opposite to the view of human nature explained in this paper. Through evolutionary theories, it is evident that, all human beings are products of evolution and evolution is a social-cultural phenomenon. The evolutionary theories are important in the study of human psychology. Darwin’s work has generated some important fields such as behaviorism.

Evolution theories create new insights about the Human Nature because the implementation of the evolutionary principles leads to the understanding of personality disorders and normal personality. Evolutionary theories are important as they can be used in enhancing to total quality management. They are linked with the total quality management which is a popular technique for management. Some human behaviors such as sexual behavior are well explained through the evolutionary analysis. Finally, evolutionary theories gives a lot of information about the rise and importance of communication which started from animals and facilitated the establishment and development of language as an external means of handling and communicating information through symbols.