Colonization in Early America

Most of New England and the Chesapeake region were settled by English origin people. But by 1700 there were two distinct societies. There were a few settlements in North America and soon they began to progress. Many economical, social and religious ideas divided the English communities. Immigrants divided into two groups. One of these groups joined to settlers who occupied the territory of North America. They wanted to have a better life and to meet their individual beliefs. Some of these people tried to escape from the religious pressure in their community. Recent English colonies united only their English roots and origin.

Life in the Chesapeake region was very hard. Such diseases as malaria, dysentery and typhoid took people’s lives. Many people did not live more than twenty years. In the Chesapeake region most of their time people searched the gold. It was one of the reasons of their instability. First of all they had to stabilize their farms and way of life. They thought that it would lead them to flourishing life. Most of the population in this region consisted of men. As for me, women could change this situation. They could stabilize that situation. The situation started to change when John Rolfe began to grow tobacco.

Unlike to the inhabitants of the Chesapeake region Puritans traded only goods which they had no effort to produce. Of course, standards of living in New England were higher. As for me they had a right course of development. Their right economic and political position made them an important mercantile and shipbuilding center.

New England established New Church. It was one of the motives for changing their place of settlement. They believed that their New Church would be pure and new community would be without sins. The local authority was controlled by the same people who controlled the church. It was the guarantee of honesty. The Holy Bible was the basis for laws and regulations which were adopted by the government.

At first when New England wanted to settle in the new territories and they had to get the Native American’s permission. The Puritans wanted to bring Christianity to the Native Americans. Their main goal was to convert them to Christianity. Native Americans were pagans. They believed in Mother of Earth and executed shamanistic rituals.

Massachusetts was the first and the biggest region of slaves. People with black skin who were brought in America during the war became slaves. They had neither rights nor vote. They were nobody.

We can see the way of development of two settlements. One of them had high ideals and they wanted to live better and they did everything their dreams came true. And other people wanted money and gold. They did not accept peaceful life. They were ready to take any risk and fight with other people for territory or money. American history teaches us and shows us how to live and cooperate with different situations. We have to consider its experience.