Child Abuse

“Every year, over 3 million kids are victims of child abuse…” “Child abuse kills more than 3 kids every day in the United States…” When I think about these facts, it makes me want to cry. My brain can’t wrap itself around why someone would do that to a child unable to defend itself. It makes me want to find these monsters and beat some sense into them. But since I can’t, I wrote this.
One reason I’m against child abuse is the state of their well-being. When kids are abused, bones can get broken. They also get bruises all over their body. For the littlest ones, their still developing muscles are seriously damaged. Unfortunately, these are only three of the multiple results of abuse.
Another reason to be concerned is their ability/inability to succeed. They could have possible brain damage that could hinder their ability to succeed. On the other hand, some could potentially be very successful because they would want to prove to the abuser and/or most importantly to themselves that they CAN amount to something great. The negative side of that, though, is the abuser could have made them feel as if they can’t and won’t ever amount to ANYTHING, which could prevent their success.
My third and last point is the psychological effect it has on them. Most child abuse victims are withdrawn from friends and family. If they are touched, they often have sudden shock reactions. Also, they often lose all respect for their own body, which also causes low self-esteem.
So, I’m asking you, if you don’t already, to see how wrong child abuse is. These kids don’t deserve to have their bones broken, to be told that they’re nothing, and they DO NOT deserve to be scared of hugs. So please, take a stand against child abuse, and remember this:

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It only takes one minute to hurt a child and destroy a life.
It only takes one minute to make a difference in a child’s life.

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