A lot of things happened in the past months. Hmm, I think I’m changed person, but we’re youngsters are changing everytime, I guess, huh? Teng tong.


I'm Jane!

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Is changing a good thing? I don’t know. But in changing, I lost somethings I love, but yet gain something else too in return.

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“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”
Winston Churchill

Problem is, am I in the right direction? Is my changing made me a better person or not? Nah, I don’t know.People decided.

But, well, I’m not changing THAT much, you know?
I’m still myself, include that so-so-big part of me that afraid of rejections and what people said.

Therefore, I’m that kind that afraid of changing. If I changed, will people accepted me? If that’s changing made you who you really are, and they’re rejected you for that, for who you really are, errr, that’s scary :

Another quotations said,
Nothing lasts forever.
Things changed. People leaved. Dreams faded. Even your own shadow will leave you in the darkest time.

But I’m that kind of person that believe, well, some other things are ALWAYS changed, but some the other, well, can stay forever. Yaaah, I’m not that optimistic type, so I know somethings we can’t help to change. Well, yes we can, but it’ll hurt for sure, so it’s better to let go. But the other somethings, well, like, some friendships, do last forever 🙂 They don’t care whether you’re changing or not, whether you’re in happy or sad situations–they just care because you are you anyway.
I hope mine too :))

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