Change Proposal

Change in any organization is important for development and especially to bring in profits for a business. Kudler fine foods Virtual Organization is a well-established business with exemplary profit margins, but to heighten the profits some changes can be made. This proposal is to urge the manager of this organization to willingly accept a proposed project that will bring changes to the sales department. The sales department is largely involved in ensuring that necessary measures are put in place for more customers to purchase their food from this organization. More efforts on this proposed change will definitely increase the profits.

The proposed change in the sales department is to introduce an online project where sale of foods and deliveries to the customers will be made, moreover within the shortest time possible. The proposal further sees the need for advertising the daily menus for the consumers and all the types of foods available per hour. The proposal gives an indication on the need for less staff at the counter and more in the field who will be making the deliveries. The deliveries will be made for people living thirty minutes away from the premises to ensure food delivered is hot and fresh. The online sale will include an hourly update of the list of foods available. This project will, at first, run for one month to observe the merits it has for the organization then it will be further officiated as the way of running the sales department.

The importance of having online sales is diverse. The consumers will save time and money, whereby they will not have to visit the shop to get their orders as they can do it online. Most consumers are lazy to go and buy food, while the others are generally busy to get time to grab food. It is with the online sale that consumers will make their orders after checking the available foods, then the delivery will be made within the shortest time possible. Another advantage is that the project will help the sales men avoid traffic at the counter and queues; the online sale will ease congestion and hence increase efficiency of the sales people.

In addition, online sale is a way of publicizing the organization, hence widening the market. The online world is bigger than the physical one, thus more people will be aware of the existence of the business and with the online sale more consumers will be interested in its goods and services. Checking the list of available foods online is quite beneficial to consumers, because they will not have to come to the shop to make an order and then see the food is not available, as it is in some cases. The list of available foods will, therefore, help the customers greatly. More sales will definitely be made each day as the market will widen, hence there will be more profit.

Using the four dimensions of change management which include the source, scale, politics and the content of change, the online project will go through due to the ease of adjustment. The scale dimension will cause an evolutionary change, as the sales department will use the available resources to manage the project. The computer has to be in use throughout the day due to the hourly updates of foods available, and the staff must be active in the field of making deliveries. The remaining staff at the shop will attend to the incoming customers. The source of the change is through emergent thoughts, where the department head seeks how to bring the idea to the management and reach their understanding, so that they may permit changes.

The content of the change is rather precise, as the sales department is a key part of the profit-making strategy for the organization. The aspect of restructuring the sales staff on a weekly basis will take place, as they will deal with the deliveries, while others are to remain at the premises of the business. On the other hand, the strategizing of the whole online sales and posting up the foods while responding to the many customers online may be rather hectic, but two sales persons must be in charge through the week and shifts made. The politics of the change includes consulting the management in order to get permission for the project. The permit to carry out the change in sales must come with funds from management to ensure availability of bicycles, vehicles for making the deliveries. Fast drivers from the sales team with the legal license to make deliveries are the responsibility of a manager.

This proposal has weighed the merits and the demerits, therefore a legal permit from the department to carry out the changes is necessary, as the merits outweigh the demerits greatly. In case of disputes on whether to make this change the management is urged to keenly look at the importance and profits the change will make for the business. Using the project management traditional approach, the project will have a project manager in which case the supervisor of the sales department will be in charge, and after initiating the program of online sales the advertisement on the project should be the initial step in order all customers, who visit daily, are informed of the online sale, and posters with the same information must be made available to the public.

The planning and strategizing of the project should include release of funds for transportation and structuring the shifts per day for all the sales staff. This planning should be made on a weekly basis by a project manager. The execution process of the online sales have to include swift deliveries to the customers and response to the online customers must take the shortest time possible, less than a minute, therefore the sales man on the computer have to be keen. The project manager will monitor all the workers and especially the online customers, and ensure their requests are responded to as soon as they post their inquiries on available foods. Payments will be made on delivery. After the first month the project will be over and analysis of the customer satisfaction and profit margin will be made.

The Return on Investment for this project is estimated to be above fifty percent as online sales are real and profitable. Following this expected Return on Investment, the organization is now fully aware of the need for a quick move to start on the project, as the resources used (which are mostly on fuel during deliveries) will be extremely less compared to the number of sales made online. Therefore, it is with this proposal that a response from the management will help to start the project, thus acquire maximum profits from the online sales.