Chains is a book you would not think to put down. Its five stars book also a double thumb up for it. If you love reading about history and adventure books then chains is the book for you. This book is one of the best books you’ll ever read.

Chains is about two black girls named Ruth, Isabel who are sisters and slaves. Their mother died and they have been purchased to a mean couple named the locktons. The locktons are rich and mean forcing the slaves to clean cook wash dishes.Isebel finds out madam lockton sold Ruth and now Isabel is filled with hatred and set with rage. Now she’s on a journey to find her sister. If you want to find out what happens read the book Chains
Laurie Hales writes a spectacular book with intense plots. In the middle of the book Isabel finds out that her mistress sold her sister and now she’s lit like a fire cracker.Isebel is working during the biggest war in her time the revolutionary war. She’s in an intense situation, either to save her sister, or have freedom.
This book changed my experience because ounce you start reading it you’ll never stop its like you get sucked to it. My teacher last year read this book to me her name is Mrs. Bivins so I tried reading it on my own. If you love reading pick a book you like. It has won many awards like the national award.

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