The sequel to the bestselling book “The Hunger Games”, the fast paced, dark story of the totalitarian nation of Panem and the gruesome game hosted every year that pits teenagers against each other. Picked up on the newest winners of the games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, as they go through the motions of the annual Hunger Games victory tour, while trying to calm a possible rebellion brought on by Katniss’ defiant attitude in the arena.

As the tour ends the mood shifts towards the next games, and the second “Quarter Quell” a Hunger Games with a terrifying twist. This year the twist involves, former tribute victors, an arena ripe with hourly gut and heart wrenching challenges, and a cornucopia filled with only weapons. Plus, the tributes and their mentors plan a rebellious twist of their own.

This book is a great next step in the Hunger Games series, full of suspense and romance. At the beginning every reader has reservations about the controversy around the murder based plot. But as you read you realize that horrific basis doesn’t go unoticed by the character who try just as hard as you wish you could to stop the killings.
I highly suggest this book and the rest of the Hunger Games series, simply because they’re one of those books you pick up and do not put down until its over. A tense, fast paced, dreadfully realistic book that Suzanne Collins should definitely be commended for.

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