Hunger Games, Hunger Games, Hunger Games. That seems to be everyone’s interest for the past couple months since the movie came out. I’ve got to admit that The Hunger Games was a good book. But if you’ve read the next book, you’d know that Catching Fire is better. Katniss has come home to District Twelve but nothing is really the same and she hoped it would be.

Katniss beat the games with her fellow district tribute, Peeta. Things are worse than she thought they would be and they just keep getting worse. As if things could only go up from where she is, the 75th Hunger Games (a Quarter Quall) comes along, and it turns out Katniss is going back to the Capitol for another Games.

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The author, Suzanne Collins, has out done herself again with her second book of the series. Her foreshadows are unrecognizable because you get so sucked into the book but once you reread the book, it’s so obvious. She keeps you interested the throughout the whole story, chapter after chapter, there’s always a surprise around the corner.

Katniss was a woman from the beginning of the series. Before the first book, Katniss took care of her family by herself being an adult but after the Games, she needs someone to lean on and Peeta is always there for her, even if their “love” life isn’t solid. She doesn’t realize how big of an influence she is. She defied the capitol, something that’s never been done.

Read this book. In fact, read the whole series. It’s a story where your eyes are glued to the book. Don’t be the last one of your friends to read this book because this is like the new Twilight, everyone will be talking about it.

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