A career development plan is one of the issues that one has to consider in life as it carries a lot of weight in determining the kind of life that a person will be able to lead in future. First, one needs to define the vision that one has for his career. As for me, I have a vision that I will be able to align myself in a way that I will be able to provide quality leadership skills in the corporate world.

To attain this vision, I need to develop an inventory of skills that are able to propel me to this position. One of the skills that I need to develop is the management skills in the area of my profession. On the other hand, I have to develop a sense of commitment to my work and the people under my care as a leader. Similarly, there is need to develop inspirational skills that can be used to inspire people that I am leading as a leader. These skills are core for my ambition to become an influential leader in the corporate world.

Having a vision alone cannot be able to make one into an influential leader. There is need to have plans that are aimed at helping me to attain these visions. To begin with, I have to attend school and gain specific skills in management of organizations and businesses and be competent when it comes to tackling specific issues that arise in these organizations and businesses.

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