It has been noted currently that the gap between the big and medium size enterprises in the country today in terms of fortunes is at a record high as compared to fourteen years ago. One of the major factors influencing this kind of condition is the taxes and government charges that have put a brake on investment. The small business index according to their research carried out by the Australian Chamber of Commerce illustrated that the interest rate rise has also played a major role in inserting pressure on small business turnaround. Small business profitability has gone down and in turn limited the small enterprises ability to employ and undertake investment. A survey carried out by the WHK revealed that the businesses had little faith in the minority Federal Government.


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In our current world, the challenges facing the common man in every society are quite numerous. These challenges may involve; the inability to access appropriate education opportunities, good and proper health facilities, and recreational facilities. It is therefore usually the task of the government to address these issues to ensure that the citizens live a comfortable life.

Thesis statement

The needs of citizens in any country are usually massive and require a lot of commitment to satisfy. These are some of the reasons why the people pay taxes even though the government has not been effective in meeting their needs. Looking at the way businesses are impacting in the society, I believe that the business is better at meeting the needs of the citizens as compared to the government.


In many parts of the world, the level of people’s trust towards their governments is usually lower as compared to private businesses. For any government to develop trust amongst its people, it takes more than just delivering more and faster services. The quality of service is usually the major factor that must be considered at the delivery of any service. When the government continues to deliver with quantity as their major consideration, they are basically just communicating to the people on their interest of maintaining the status quo and actually not serving the people as they would deserve (Fyfe & Fitzpatrick 2002, 27). The level of competition in the business industry on the other hand does not allow organizations to provide substandard services.

One major factor that the government ought to try and always take into full consideration is whether they are actually meeting the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. In doing so they are supposed to improve the quality of their services to match the needs of the people (Lau, 2000). They are also supposed to ensure that the people are aware of the services they are getting. Unfortunately this is not happening and therefore leading to a situation whereby trust is draining. The lowering trust by the people on their governments is majorly influenced by the fact that the levels of expectations are usually on the rise unlike the performance of the government which is declining even in other parts of the world (Fyfe & Fitzpatrick 2002, p.33).

Apart from making major contributions to the livelihood of citizens in the country, business contributes largely also to the social well-being of a country and its citizens by being obedient to the government. Businesses organizations have been known for a long time to participate in public and social activities like charity (Raguet, 1834, 167). This is a situation whereby business that has recorded profits set aside part of it income to support the needy and neglected members of the society. In the past, public institutions have managed to provide cost effective public amenities of higher quality in supporting the government where need arises. This has proved its ability to offer public services and goods more conveniently ad effectively to the citizens as compared to the government.

All over the world, the expansion of the business sector and opportunities has led to the rapid growth of the job opportunities in the country. This has in hand empowered the people to be able to be economically self reliant and thereby reducing the level of poverty in the country. For these reasons therefore I strongly believe that business is better at meeting the needs of the citizens.


It is therefore very evident that business is better at meeting the needs of the people as compared to government. This is because it has proved to be more effective at meeting the livelihood of citizens in the country. It also contributes largely also to the social well-being of a country and its citizens. I am therefore more than convinced that business should lead in the journey towards ensuring that people are empowered and their needs are well taken care of.

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