Business Models

Cloud business models are a part of the cloud computing and can be represented as private cloud, community, or public one. There are few opportunities to provide these clouds using SPI models. Among them are IaaS, Paas and Saas. After analysis of these models, there is an identified model for the traditional environment.

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At different levels of networking, host and other application levels can share clouds and traditional environments. However, according to Mather, networks, host and other application levels are issued in the cloud infrastructure. To add, cloud computing does not cause this. The understanding of the trust boundaries between and their customers are introduced relatively cloud computing. Despite the public clouds, almost all share the same architecture. There are some differences, though, between cloud and traditional environment. In order to handle, manage and secure the cloud service there are many services to provide security, organize boundaries and understand who is responsible for which part.

Understanding of Business Models

In traditional environments, there is always one party responsible for security of the network, host and/or application. There are many tools to ensure the needed level of the security. The most important questions on the both network levels are terms of confidentially and integration of data, which are in transit, in process and so forth. For these reasons, both environments need to provide good access controls. As a result, traditional environment is ensuring that needed resources are available to provide this. As for the clouds, the main issue is if their resources are available for the customers online.

The host level provides delicate access to the environment’ hypervisors of the cloud computing. The issue in this case will be trust boundaries in responsibility of the security hypervisors. Another important thing is implementation of the security control. The same issues appear in both environments and usually are concerned with the software development and APIs. The last provides access to the application level and helps to use cloud services. To avoid different risks APIs needed to be inspected and audited in order to prevent various attacks and risks.

The architecture of the cloud is very important, because it affects the infrastructure of the security and the ways to control it. The architecture, both traditional and private, is the same if to speak about the owner of the environment. The owner is responsible for all aspects of the environment, especially for security. The closer we get to the cloud, the more trust and risks issues appear. The bigger cloud is, consequently more it will suffer from the trust boundaries. Therefore, the community cloud suffers since there are two or more parties involved into the process of implementing and ensuring security requirements.

The risks, associated with the traditional and private cloud environment, are usually the same as community cloud has. In this mix of connections, it is very hard to find out who is responsible for the risks. Despite this fact, traditional, private clouds and community environments are providing an appropriate level of security. Moreover, in order to keep these levels of security on the level, provider, as well as customer, should understand the requirements of security and the ways of its implementation. However, the public cloud is under threat, because resources are shared with unknown users. There are no huge opportunities to implement the needed aspects of the security, because the control of the physical and virtual resources is lost.

The trust boundaries in public clouds are affecting the customer, because cloud provider may prevent the access to the resources and hide information. This happens, because the provider does not trust. The public cloud is facing the same security infrastructure challenges of the other SPI models. However, it should be kept in mind that the boundaries in the public cloud and other clouds are different. Customers are sharing often desk storage and access memory.

Risks in computing environment are challenges. Some risks are particularly immanent for traditional environments, while other can be extant in private or social clouds. The existed risks of the clouds or environments depend on the architecture of computing environment. In addition, the risks can expand to the multi-tenancy architecture, because it includes the sharing resources.

The first task is to understand the risks. The second task lies in mitigating these risks. The answers on these two questions will help to reduce risks and improve management of the cloud-computing environment. In all this mess, we should keep in mind that trust boundaries are still the most important and are a challenge in question of security.

During last years, the cloud computing has been becoming a potential technology. Now most of the businesses and IT professionals are promoting and developing it. The development provides all necessary advantages to run IT department more efficiently than it has done before. Some of the businesses have an opportunity to move their business to the cloud. It affects business both ways.

On one hand, this is an evidence of development. On the other hand, it brings risks to the business. This is the reason for business to stay a little bit away from the technology. However, according to predictions, businesses will switch to clouds completely or partially in the future. As a result, this change will influence every field of organization: starting from employment finishing with business process models, which will be controlled by new IT cloud technology.

There are few reasons for the organization to think about the switching to the cloud computing. One and the main reason is costs of the cloud computing. The IT department usually does not bring any revenue. However, the costs to keep it on the level are increasing from year to year, because tools and technologies are developing every minute. So the cloud computing is a good way to reduce the IT department costs, which will help to increase the budget of the whole business.

Despite this, the cloud computing provides all needed physical resources and is maintaining all necessary tasks. In addition, the cloud is available at any time of the day from any point of the world. These options help to organize business from the position of the on-demand service and keep the lower rates per one usage cost. A good example is the increase of buying capacity before New Year. People can buy more, while company can keep her cloud on the appropriate level to provide everything to satisfy customers need asking to provide on-demand resource only during the New Year shopping.

Mather provides a good benefit with using the models such as SaaS, which results in high efficiency. There is more control for people. In addition, the level of the decision – making process is higher, and IT can provide resources to make them. It can take some time. Even id rate of deployment is high; the computing cloud still has benefits. For example, when some jobs can disappear. In this case, the IT department helps to define, which position and when will run out the limits.

As a result, the vast part of the businesses moved to the cloud computing. However, we can still definite factors, which prevent company to move to the cloud computing. The first one is sensitive processes. It is followed by lack of trust and huge infrastructures. We need to consider all these factors: the time needed for implementation increased as well as changed the way of management.

Organizations need about five years to test and try cloud to understand its value. They will also study all risks and benefits. To make this process easier and faster it will be great to have educational programs and training courses, so there will be chance to find and educate new professionals in this new field of work. Five years is the countdown point for organization to go on the higher level of the management and implementation.

The cloud computing will help to provide all necessary services on the high level within limited time. There might be various risks and challenges; however, this is not the reason to invest in these directions. The new flows of investments will help to organize the process of evaluation on the appropriate level, so the upcoming results will help to develop the base for future improvements. As a result, new cloud models will appear.

As it was mentioned above, the cloud technology provides all necessary tools that simplify the work of the whole organization. If to look deeper into the issue, I can say that even government will be interested in the implementation of the cloud-computing environment to improve the processes. However, those, who can not move to this system within five year will suffer in management and spend more time to finish simple tasks, which now can be managed with the help of the cloud computing.

If this technology will develop the way, it does now, some of the IT position will disappear too, but in cloud sector. It should be taken for granted. On other hand, this will help to develop new structures and provide new, more stable environments. This is the reason why I choose to write about the cloud computing. Within the frame time, I can imagine my career. I will go through different works path, but I am sure that the way I choose now is the right one for me.

I know that my career will be completely connected with the managerial component of the cloud environment and it will include risk management. These two elements require a deep knowledge and image of me. As a result, I am educating myself in these two routes and learning new thing about the area I choose. Through the time, I can imagine myself implementing new ideas in this area. The gained experience will help me to find the needed resources and spots of connection. In addition, I can say that my concept of the cloud differs a little bit from those I have read about before. The training course will help me to find new ways in understanding the technologies and get ideas for further development. Another useful tool to gain experience is thematic conferences and seminars, which are closely related to the technologies and new knowledge in this field of study.

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To sum up, traditional IT environments can and make a difference in the approaches to the business management. They are influencing it a lot. However, risks are still high. As a result, a vast part of the advantages of the cloud technologies is ignored. Nevertheless, I believe, that the right study and development of the basic idea of the cloud on the level of implementation will help to achieve fascinating results within short period. There is a chance to see these ideas implemented in business sector, as well as in government institutions.