One of the worst things that could happen especially as a young adult is bullying. This usually happens in grades fourth through twelfth. Bullying can lead to self harm, peer harm, and/or suicide. Can we ever stop bullying? Bullying is all throughout the world and will take a lot of effort to stop.
Victims of bullying are two to nine times more likely to consider suicide than a non victim.
The third leading cause of death among young adults in suicide. This results in about 4,400 deaths per year. Bullying is a terrible thing, that causes many to want to leave the world, because they feel unwanted.
There are many types of bullying. Including physical, emotional, cyber, verbal, and
sex-ting. Also circulating suggestive, sending/showing nude photos, or messaging about
someone. This is unbelievable on how many ways there is to humiliate, or hurt someone.
Girls tend to be more cruel about bullying. Girls tend to bully due to social status “popular” vs. “non-popular”. While boys tend to bully due to group “athlete” vs. “non-athlete”. Everyone
should be treated equally, not based on who they are as a person.
Some people say bullying is okay because all kids go through it, and its just a part of
growing up. Although its not okay. Only one in four teachers see nothing wrong with bullying
and will only intervene 4% of the time. Many people want to take their lives because of these
issues. Bullying has gotten worse than in the past. Now there are social networking sites, and
cellphones. Also schools are a lot bigger.
This is an issue that happens throughout the whole world. Bullying needs to be stopped
as soon as possible. Even though all kids go through it doesnt make it okay. Words hurt and
people need to realize that because its not worth losing a loved one too.

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