Budget Function 270 Energy

Questionn1 (a)

The federal activities included in this budget is funding for energy resources in the country. The federal government has outlined how it will explore the energy resources in the country. To explore energy resources safely and within the required specifications, the federal government has budgeted for the appropriate technology and personnel for the exercise. This is per the requirements of the certain departments like the 70 energy. The departments demand that authorities use appropriate energy technologies that are environmental friendly. The federal government is also sourcing for excess quantities of excess of renewable energy this is in line with the president’s proposal to invest in greener sources of energy. This has been the priority of the current administration ever since coming to power. It has committed most of its resources to environmental, friendly sources of power. In this respect, the government is also acquiring nuclear power services with the purpose of bolstering energy supply to the economy.


This funding is mandatory because the government has outlined lack of energy as an impediment to the economy. In this regard, the federal government has committed itself to finding a long term solution to the intermittent energy problem in the United States. Experts warn that, the current energy production levels cannot meet the projected energy needs. This means that the government has no choice but to invest its resources in appropriate sources of power. This funding is also necessary because the budget has strict guidelines that must be adhered to. In addition, the oversight committee collaborates with the other committees to facilitate accountability in spending. The aim of the oversight team is to ensure that the funds are utilized in accordance to the underlying rules and regulations.


The funding trends have been increasing continuously. The nature of funding corresponds to the ever increasing demand for energy in the United States. Successive governments have recognized energy as one of the pillars of the United States economy. Without adequate power supply, most sections of the economy will deteriorate. It is in this regard that the government has prioritized energy funding as a top priority. A decade ago, federal spending on energy was almost 50% less than it is today. The government is responding to the ever increasing energy demand in the country. The other contributing factor is the need to minimize environmental pollution. As outlined by the president, and heeding calls from environmentalists, the government has significantly increased federal funding in the energy sector. The government appreciates the need for more energy as well as the need to acquire additional energy sources that are friendly to the environment.

The trends for government spending in energy the sectors have been increasing every year. This is in response to the ever growing demand for the same. The government is simply responding to energy demands in the country. The other reason for increasing government spending in energy is the need to branch out from conventional sources of energy. The current energy sources are characterized by pollutants. The administration wants new sources of energy that have limited carbon emissions.

Question 2

There are several committees and subcommittees in the congress that are entrusted with the responsibilities of providing oversight to government spending. The committees act as the representative of the people in government spending. There is the house budget committee; the major objective of this committee is to assist in planning and resources allocation. The committee helps the federal government in identify projects that need urgent funding. There is also the house appropriation committee. This committee plays a crucial role in planning and spending in government. The congressional appropriation committee is tasked with the duties of setting the correct expenditures for the federal government. No money can be withdrawn from can be withdrawn from the treasury without the permission of the appropriation committee. The government must meet strict regulations in order to spend public funds. There are a number of committees both in the house of representative, and the congress to ensure that the government does not misuse public funds. The following congressional committees and subcommittees have jurisdiction over budget spending.

House appropriation committee

Senate appropriation committee

House budget committee

Senate budget committee

Government accountability committee

Congressional budget committee

The responsibility to monitor government spending is not left in the hands of the congress alone. Government also monitors its spending through various agencies like the government accountability committee. The major objective of this committee is to ensure that government budgets are spent in accordance with the laid down regulations.

Question 3

A number of federal agencies are involved in planning and budgeting of funded projects in this country. All this agencies work in collaboration with the office of management and budget. The management and budget office is the senior most budge office in the United States. The primary objective of the agencies is to help the federal government in meeting its budgetary needs. In relation to this project, there are a number of government agencies that have partnered with the government. These government agencies include the following

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement
The Department of Energy
The Environmental Protection Agency
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The United States Coast Guard
The United States Fish and Wildlife Service

In oil and other energy exploration projects, the bureau of oceanic energy management, regulation and enforcement plays a vital role. The principle objective of this government body is to ensure that all offshore explorations within and in the United States waters meet the recommended requirements. The agency must carry out research and assess the impact that the project will generate on the ground. Any offshore explorations must be certified by the agency before further action can be taken.

The United States coast guard and marine administrations duty is issues safety regulations for any marine transfer. The agency determines the negative effects that moored ships are likely to bring to aquatic life and people. It also assesses the environmental impact that may result from shipping activities. The agency acts to protect both people and marine life that are likely to be hurt by any ocean or sea activities. Another agency involved in energy explorations, in the United States, is the federal energy regulatory commission. This commission is funded in the natural gas act. The commission regulates all oil and gas exploration projects in the country. It is the agency responsible for issuing all the required certifications and documentation to any company seeking to explore oil or gas in the country.

The United States fish and world life services agency governs all the activities concerned with wind exploration on land. The agency ensures that all projects related to harnessing wind are not harmful to the environment. Another agency involved in this project is the United States department of energy. The department’s objective is to manage all energy related activities in the country. The agency is a state organ from which the government will carry out all oil exploration projects. Every agency involved in energy exploration must liaise with, the United States, department of energy. The main objective of all the concerned interested groups is to ensure that the project does not cause any adverse impact on the ground.

Question 4

A project of this nature must attract a lot of concern from the civil society. A number of non government organizations will be enjoined in the project with the purpose of representing the interests of various groups. There are a number of non governmental organizations that have previously worked with the governments in similar projects before. These include the national research council committee on energy futures and air pollution in urban china and the United States of America. This agency represents the interests of the community. It ensures that the government dies not engage in practiced that have the potential to harm people in its quest to increase energy supply. Another non governmental organization is the national academy of engineering. This organization has abundant information that can be useful to researchers in the energy field.

Question 5 (a)

The administration proposed to fund innovations for clean sources of energy through the department of energy loans. Under this scheme, the administration proposed to avail a total of $36 billion. The administration further proposed a total of $ 54.5 billion for nuclear power facilities. In relation to research and development, the government proposed to fund the project to a tune of $543 million. The amount will be spent on research for clean sources of energy. Another $ 2.4 billion has been set aside for energy efficacy and renewable energy projects. $ 302 million has been set aside for solar energy. $ 220 million has been proposed for bio fuels project and $231 million for efficiency technologies.

Question 5 (b)

The congress responded the government proposal with a number of suggestions. In terms of renewable energy projects, the congress recommended for an increase of the budget in some sectors. The congress wanted the government to alleviate the public against the escalating oil fuel prizes and its demand. The congress also worried that renewable energy fields may be exhausted before the government finds an alternative. The congress further voted to approve an increment on hydrokinetic power budget. The move was meant to avail enough funds to the companies involved in renovating the plants. Development of energy allocation was increased to fast track research for new energy.