Things aren’t always as they seem. You get played, led on, and missed used in every way possible. Guys “promise” they won’t do any of that to you but in the end it actually happens. Being young and brave doesn’t help the situation either because we only listen to what the guy says instead of looking pass those lies that are pouring out of his mouth. He speaks the words that every girl wants to hear but little does she know they are all lies and he just wants into her pants.
Us girls fall for the boys that speak the words that are poisonous. You can put a “yuck” sticker on the boys that we know are bad for us, but we all wish we could sometimes. We have this tendency to go after those boys, which cause us to get hurt and have our hearts broken. It hurts more and more each and every time it happens to us.
Just when you think you aren’t going to get hurt, you do. You say it doesn’t hurt anymore but only you know it actually does because it’s so unbearable for you to keep yourself together. But after all the pain you’ve lived is finally gone and you’ve given up on boys, you find a guy that might be the one but your too scared to chance it that you let him slip away, that hurts worse than anything else.

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